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Central Intelligence Review: Johnson and Hart’s Commendable Collaboration Entertains


Central Intelligence Review

There have been several buddies-action comedy flicks in the past. So, it would be irrelevant to say that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s movie, Central Intelligence, is a new concept. But, there is a space in our heart where the use of such concepts in movies entertains us if the right twists and turns in the plot are highlighted. Central Intelligence somewhat succeeds in grasping that concept letting the audience be entertained to the fullest in the movie.

To be honest, the plot was quite predictable from the start. An action flick where the heroes meet years later, after their college lives, completely opposite of what they used to be in their education days. Peppering the movie with secret agent stuff made the movie even more entertaining. After all, we love such concepts and imagine being that good at everything. Central Intelligence delivers a hyperactive movie with giddy fight scenes that the audience loves watching with their family and friends.

Central Intelligence Review: The plot in brief:

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber brings to you an action comedy film in which Dwayne Johnson portrays the role of Bob Stone, who was fat and clumsy for which he was bullied in his college days. Later he turns out to be a CIA agent working to remove his name as a traitor to the agency. He meets his fellow college-mate Calvin Joyner, portrayed by Kevin Hart in the film. Calvin had been the most popular teen in his college days. While being an all-rounder in his younger days, he ends up working in a cubicle for an MNC which turns his life pretty boring – until he meets Bob Stone.

The film shows the existence of the two in their respective roles building trust on the way towards solving the mystery with action, comedy, and emotional drama. It also delivers a message of trust and comfort between two completely different personalities as they tend to become the best of friends on the way. Moreover, the complete turnover in their later lives makes it even more hilarious to watch.

The opinion:

While the movie portrays a new yet predictable story, it still succeeds in surprising us on the way with the uncanny twists. For instance, a scene shows fighting a guy with a banana. Who could have ever imagined being beaten by a man with a banana? Such a portrayal of action and comedy would make you laugh to a certain extent.

Slapstick comedies do possess a charm when there is a nice story added to it. And, Central Intelligence delivers that enthusiasm while maintaining its comic value. Another good twist that the movie offers is the personality of Dwayne’s character as Bob Stone. Bob Stone looks like a buffed-up CIA agent from the outside.

But, his inner self still loves the same old stuff he used to as a college student. Unicorns, fanny packs, and movies like Sixteen Candles still exist in his new world. While Kevin, being well-known for his comedic roles, deadpan jokes, and standup comedy, show a more serious-looking role who is frustrated with the life he lives. Both did an excellent job with their portrayals which is why the movie ends up being even better than expected.

Central Intelligence the rock

A trigger that made the movie a success was the trailer when it first came out. The audience in most cases is able to tell a lot about what is going to happen in a movie through its trailer. In addition, using attractive scenes in the trailer like a fat and bullied Dwayne Johnson who turns out to be a complete badass later on, makes it even more compelling and addictive. Seeing a six-and-a-half-feet tall person wearing unicorn-print T-shirts with fanny packs while fighting the bad guys is worth watching for sure.

Many critics compared the pair with the likes of great duos such as Gene Wilder and Richerd Pryor, Abbott and Costello, to name a few. And the two surely comprise of the talents needed for such portrayals. Even their height difference makes each and every scene makes the roles exceed expectations. Surely it is not your everyday silly action and comedy mashup that most movies are built around. This is because it creates seriousness in their characters which are deprived of the aims they had in their lives – especially Calvin.

His role as a middle-aged emotionally depressed and bored family man is spectacular. And, when he comes face to face with a towering college mate who is now a CIA agent, it completely changes his life. Getting mixed up in the secret-agent mess and coming out of it later on at the end shows how the two overcome their depression and become the best of friends. It is like being born again through each other’s support.

The two symbolizes each other’s incomplete aspirations to achieve the real success in life. Bob comes into Calvin’s boring life as a savior giving him the motive to live his life that he wanted in his college days. Similarly, Calvin eventually makes Bob come out of his past-life fears of being uncertain due to his obesity. Even though Bob attains extraordinary physical improvements, he still lacked the mental stability needed to overcome his past fears. And, Calvin unknowingly helps him get past that.

The verdict:

The portrayal of the two characters is certainly a great step in creating a great movie. The rising fame of Dwayne Johnson and the commendable comedic support from Kevin makes the movie stand out against the odds. Overall, Central Intelligence surpasses the other buddy comedy flicks which we love watching and praise from time to time.

Surpassing the chances of failures in such movies is high as there are limited concepts in the mind. But, the surprise elements, as well as a new plot combined with the usual buddy action comedies, make the work well received. In the end, it would be hard to predict each and everyone’s opinion about the film. But, it is for sure that a minor part of the audience will not find it good but that is mostly because of the taste they have for such movies. This Central Intelligence review tells you that you cannot consider this movie a one-time watch movie, but a film that can enjoy every now and then maybe on your satellite TV or other sources like Netflix with family and friends.

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