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Don’t Breathe review: Bewilderment like you never imagined

Looking at the latest horror flick of the year, Don’t Breathe could nail the best horror film title. While watching the movie, we come across an unforeseeable setup. It doesn’t offer a stereotypical home-invasion thriller that we have seen in the past. The reason behind it is that the antagonist deflects its path from the usual roles as seen in other movies. Let us learn more about it through the plot and Don’t Breathe Review.

Don’t Breathe Review: The plot in brief

Don’t Breathe shows the story of three burglars living in Detroit. They break into homes in the area and steal valuables from time to time. When they come to know about $300,000 worth of cash kept in the house of a blind man, they consider it an opportunity. But, the blind man, who is a former veteran, is not ready to attend these unwanted guests. So, the plan that looked so foolproof ricochets back at the trio with gruesome fatality.

Don't Breathe Review - 1

Don’t Breathe offers intuitiveness as laid out by the Uruguayan director, Fede AlvarezSam Raimi acts as a co-producer for this horror-cum-thriller flick. Alvarez directed the Evil Dead (2013) under Raimi’s production. It was a revamped look to Raimi’s cult-classic version. Alvarez didn’t want to try out the same road to horror movies like the released one. And, Evil Dead showed audience the kind of theme he was talking about. Our Don’t Breathe Review will let you understand if this movie is worth watching or not.

Don’t Breathe takes us on a journey filled with a mean and unforgiving home-invasion thriller. And, the burglars should have avoided it at all cost. The movie stars Jane Levy, Daniel Zovatto, and Dylan Minnette as the thugs. And, Stephen Lang portrays the role of the blind man.

The Review

You might think of the movie as a predictable one at first glance. A house having a helpless old man with cash to spare. But, the events that follow after a prejudged plot are not so foreseeable.  An interesting thing about this movie is that there is no primary antagonist we think of it. You can just say that the lesser of the two evils is the one who you would probably support in the movie. One trying to steal the money while other grudgingly defending his home to get the thugs out dead or alive.

As we move further within the plot, we come across a series of sadistic twists within the movie. For instance, the blind man’s pregnant wife locked up in the basement. When the thugs come to know about her then things are more gruesome as they come to know the blind man’s secret. And, he looks pissed as ever. The movie topples the plot making the audience reenact their predictions again. As soon as you think the events would turn out this way, they take a tight turn to the other direction.

Don't Breathe Review - 2

As we go further, we come across the backstories of each of the characters as well. This brings out the changes in the viewers from apathy to empathy with time. As tensions build up in the movie, you will feel hard to judge a single character and support him/her. At one point, you might feel the blind man being right. On another you could feel sympathetic towards one of the thugs. We would not want to spoil you with the complete plot as this one is a must watch if you want to view something fresh.

Change in perception of the audience

Don’t Breathe delivers a movie created keeping in mind every second of it. You hardly get a filler part in the movie. Everything looks efficient. All the twists you get in the movie will keep you fixed to the screen. No doubt the three burglars portray their roles with excellence. But, the real star has to be Stephen Lang as per our Don’t Breathe Review. You cannot take your eyes off his bad-ass portrayal as a buffed-up blind man. And, he is ready to attend to any trespasser with vengeance. That psychotic personality of his will give you the creeps for sure. You will feel his remorse as you witness the pain-staking loss of his daughter by the hands of his wife. For this reason he keeps the wife locked in the basement after impregnating her.

Don't Breathe Review - 3

But, killing her accidentally through the movie makes him even more chaotic. Which is why, he is after the girl thug to get a child from her. That part makes it all messed up as you feel how big a menace a blind guy can be. It is not just an adrenaline rush for the audience, it also cringes you with fear. You realize the movie budget is so low with the limited cast. Moreover, you might not remember their names much in other movies. But, looking at their performance in this one would make you feel the need to watch every second of it.

 Don't Breathe Review - 4

The conclusion

Don’t Breathe offers you a fresh sub-genre plot comprising of an unpredictable tale. You get to find characters with their own interests fighting to get audience’s sympathy during the plot. In a nutshell, you got to watch Don’t Breathe to find something new and different for your time’s worth. Hope you enjoyed our Don’t Breathe Review. We look forward to hear from you through your comments.

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