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Ice Age: Collision Course – Movie Review

What is Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age: Collision Course is the fifth installment in the Ice Age franchise. This time around the well known world is faces with a great threat that is about to destroy every living thing on and under its surface. And there’s only one animal to blame, the demented acorn chaser – Scrat!

Brief plot overview

Ice Age: Collision Course

When an Earth isn’t enough

If you’re someone that’s afraid of spoilers than you ought to skip this paragraph entirely because there will be some spoilers.
Ice Age is almost an annual thing. This being the fifth movie in the series, there isn’t much left for it to portrait. Every film past couple of first ones seems to be kinda more of the same. That isn’t that much of a bad thing knowing that animated movies are aimed at younger audiences for the most part. And that crowd isn’t really picky when it comes to movies being more of the same. However, there are lots of older folks eager for new nostalgia-bringing installments.
In Collision Course, our already familiar protagonists, Manny, Diego, and Sid had to join their forces with an unusual wiesel called Buck. All that in hope of defending their homes, and Earth in general against one huge magnetic asteroid that’s rapidly approaching the surface. However, in their struggle to preserve all known to them, one unexpected force had risen against them. That mighty force being the flying family of dinosaur thieves. But, as it usually happens in animated movies nowadays, the on first sight hardcore villain turns into enlightened friendly bunch that helps our main protagonists.

My overall impressions

Ice Age: Collision Course

As crazy as it seems

As I previously stated the movie plot is at best more of the same. But there are some elements with which this movie struck me hard. The overall humor in Collision Course is probably the best one I’ve seen in an animated movie for the longest time. Actually I can’t even remember when was the last time I laughed so hard and without caring what others in theater will think. The puns are spread for huge array of audience. From jokes that only kids will laugh at to those that only ones into Science will understand. This is by far the best Ice Age when it comes to fun factor and as such it delivered exactly what I was hoping for before going to cinema. Best movie night money ever spent.

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