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The Jungle Book (2016): Relive the memories of the classic with realistic CGI

The Jungle Book Review

People love movies – especially, the ones which leave an afterimage of a powerful emotion in their minds. A majority of us have favorite movies. And, we would never want them to be reproduced just to visualize a new look due to technological advancements in the film industry. And, then there are people on the other side of the coin who believe in modernizing. And, it is due to such folks, movies are recreated from time to time.

It is not a bad thing for sure, but the risk involved makes one cringe with fear as it could ruin their memories of the original one. And, it can be seen that many remade movies have been a disaster. The ones which are able to perform their best will be remembered for generations to come. The Jungle Book (2016) displays similar results since its release in the year 2016.

The plot in brief:

The Jungle Book (2016) tells us the tale of Rudyard Kipling’s classic stories about a boy named, Mowgli who got stranded in an Indian Jungle. The rest of the plot displays how this “man cub” is brought up by a pack of wolves while staying in the jungle. It also shows Mowgli’s relation with other animals – some positive, some negative. All this is carried out with a sense of humor, A little music, and an emotional bonding that exists beyond the laws of nature. Mowgli learns the laws of the jungle, ways to live to the fullest through the animals around him and defends his pride and life against various foes – especially the ferocious Sher Khan.

Portrayal of characters:

Jungle Book Characters

The movie features Neel Sethi as Mowgli; Idris Elba as Sher Khan the evil tiger; Ben Kingsley as Bagheera the panther; Scarlett Johansson as Kaa the hypnotizing snake; Christopher Walken as King Louie the ape; and Bill Murray as the one and only Baloo the happy-go-lucky bear. All this has been beautifully portrayed in the movie. And, all the characters faithfully perform their various roles.

While all actors did a terrific job, Neel Sethi and Bill Murray were especially praised for their outstanding performance. It feels great to witness how the magic of voice acting and CGI makeover deliver a scene that makes viewers feel the illusion as if the animals in it are really talking. And, a movie that can make one feel such emotions is certainly noteworthy.

Differences from the original:

The Jungle Book movie (2016) does offer a similar plot but there is something that is missing. Maybe it was on purpose or maybe it had a certain meaning behind it. For instance, the final scene as depicted in the original shows the human girl in the end. That same exotic scene is not displayed in the new one. Moreover, the new one misses that same musical recognition as seen in the classic.

There will be many who would consider this remake of one of Walt Disney’s greatest creations needless. But, besides the ugly truth about making more money, film developers tend to recreate the new look for the new generation. The younger generation of today prefers the CGI mumbo jumbo over the hand-drawn artwork that used to take years.

We do not say that the movie is bad in any way. It does stick to its portrayal in the 1967 classic. The original one will always be the best between the two. The Jungle Book movie (2016) does deliver an uncanny touch which makes the audience watch it again after so long. It offers a classic tale to the children. At the same time, it delivers to the adult’s something new to the older generation who have seen the animated one.

The Jungle Book

A major credit goes to the director, Jon Favreau, who delivers this outstanding masterpiece with computer-generated graphics in a natural way. This is because the entire movie, even though possesses CGI elements, was filmed using natural animal movements. This makes it even more realistic when compared to other similar CGI-based movies. Critics and audience praised his work to the fullest, which makes it even more tempting to watch.

The success of the Jungle Book was inevitable, even from the very first trailer that came on the screen. The audience was already awestruck when they first saw the roles played by all the animals and the “man cub” in the imaginary jungles of India. A look that delivered high-end promises from the starting because of its top-notch comeback since the animated movie in 1967. And, it faithfully kept its promises while fulfilling the high hopes of its audience.

It created a level of intellect that was easily understandable by the younger generation while being equally entertaining for the adults. Even the critics praised it to the fullest. Critics are considered to be harsh – especially to remake movies which are not capable of delivering a similar charm as the originals do. But, Jon Favreau and his team do a wonderful job in imagining the scenes of Disney’s 2D cartoon world.

The verdict:

CGI effects in a movie do excite us. These effects will let you have an exotic experience of the technology so popular these days. The high-definition prints are worth praising. But, most movies lose their charm in the midst of such effects. The Jungle Book (2016) surpasses all those misconceptions in a spectacular way through the heartwarming relationship of a human child with nature.

Experiencing love, family, friendship, anger, fear, loyalty and many more emotional traits through the eyes and lives of animals makes it even a better movie than the original in a way. But, the credit for music still goes to the original. However, the director did have this in mind when the movie was thought about. The musical themes which were so popular back then are not that successful among the audience of today. If the movie were to be filled with songs, there might have been a different view of the movie.

In a nutshell, the Jungle Book movie (2016) is a must see film. You can enjoy it with your complete family and relive your childhood scenes in a realistic way. Above all, it will make you pour out your emotions once again with the same excitement filled with a beautiful world of mesmerizing creatures.

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