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Hearthstone – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Hearthstone – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Introduction words

As you’re probably aware Hearthstone, Blizzard’s most popular card collecting game, has just gotten a brand new expansion. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan or MSoG as I’ll be referring to it from now on, is fourth HS expansion. This time around we’ve got 132 brand new collectible cards. In this article I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about this release before you go into Hearthstone.

Card Diversity

As I already mentioned there are 132 new cards. Every class (there are 9 classes in total) got 9 class restricted cards. Along side those cards there are 9 tri-class cards (1 card can be used by 3 different classes). From 9 class restricted cards, there are 3 common cards, 3 rare, 2 epic and 1 legendary card. Meaning that when combined with 11 neutrals, there are 20 legendary cards in this set.

Tri-class System

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

All rights belong to Blizzard Entertainment

Tri-class system is till now unseen way of card distribution. The whole theme of MSoG goes around 3 gang families that struggle for territory of Gadgetzan. Evert family holds 33% of the city using their unique ‘skills’, represented in card format.

Grimy Goons:

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

All rights belong to Blizzard Entertainment

Grimy Goons are all about buffs and knowing which cards to play when. Their main style of play revolves around giving your minions better stats using other minions as well as spells. Thus overvaluing your opponents minions and hopefully winning from that. Three classes that belong to Grimy Goons are: Paladin, Warrior and Hunter


Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

All rights belong to Blizzard Entertainment

Kabal members are focused on potions and not killing themselves with same. They have some of the most powerful legendary cards. Everything around Kabal is about mixing potions, finding value with extremely strong board clears and Reno style of decks. Members of Kabal are: Mage, Priest and Warlock.

Jade Lotus:

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

All rights belong to Blizzard Entertainment

This is arguably the most powerful and easy to play with family. Jade Lotus are all about stealth and Jade Golem minions (Jade Golem minions work on principle +1/+1 – every time you summon a Jade Golem it will have +1/+1 in stats. Meaning that late game for 1 mana you could summon a 10/10 Jade Golem. Every control deck’s worst nightmare). Jade Lotus classes are: Rogue, Druid and Shaman.

Deck Creations So Far

Only couple of hours after the expansion was released 1 dominant deck emerged. Of course that had to be an Aggro type of deck as they seem most brainless and easy to play (which unfortunately says a lot about Hearthstone’s Ranked player base). You only need to smorc as hard as you can and expect to win a lot of the times. Because of those people that come up with these sh***y decks we don’t deserve nice things. Along side this Pirate Warrior deck there are couple of more really strong decks. Main being Jade Golem Druid, different variations of Renolock, Control Shaman and Taunt Warrior that currently excels when 50% of decks you meet are Pirate Warriors.

My thoughts

As someone that enjoys Hearthstone a lot, Mean Street of Gadgetzan represents a really nice addition. However, I am afraid that one type of dominant, annoying decks will be replaced with some even worse ones that already emerged on day 1. I’m not sure if Blizzard can do anything about that anymore without nerfing to many of the cards into ground. The tools for smorc lovers are there and seem stronger than ever. Druid’s Jade Golem deck is the 2nd thing I was scared of before the expansion was even released as the overall mechanic behind those Golems seems too powerful. And already we can see that Druid destroys any kind of currently played Control Deck. Overall, I really hope a good deck builder will come up with some sort of Control Deck that stands a chance with other Aggro, Jade, Control decks as being as competent as you can is the main strength of Control decks.

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