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World of Tanks – Best Swedish Vehicles

World of Tanks – Best Swedish Vehicles

General info about the introduction of Swedish vehicles

Almost a month ago two brand new Swedish tank tech trees have been released. This is at the same time a proper introduction of newest nation in World of Tanks – Sweden. Two branches released are filled with almost all tank types (not including only arty).
One of the trees is purely tank destroyer focused with all the tanks belonging to that class. Other branch is made of 3 different classes that kinda evolve one into the other. The tiers 1, 2, 3 being scouts, from tier 4 to 8 is the mediums territory and last 3 tiers – 8, 9 and 10 are all heavy tanks.

Tank Destroyer Highlights

This is arguably the worst and most difficult TD line in the game. However, the tree shines only when you reach tier 10 vehicle. Until that point you’re better off playing any other different nation tank destroyer. But there’re still some tanks worth mentioning.

Last even remotely fun tank until tier 10

Best Swedish Vehicles
First one that comes to my mind is little tier 5 durp monster, the Ikv 103. This glass cannon is absolutely devastating as it comes equipped with 105mm monster gun. Combination of alpha damage and penetration can make this tank the new king of derps at tier 5. Even taking the crown from Sherman Jumbo, Pz. IV H and KV-1.

Was the grind worth it?

Best Swedish Vehicles
There’s no easy answer to this question. This completely depends on your preferred play style. If you’re on of those players that likes to cam…, khmm, stay in the back and lurk in the shadows of WoT vegetation then this might be the tank for you. However, if you’re even little like me then you’ll hate every thing about this whole line after tier 5. Tier 10 TD, the Strv 103B forces players to be very passive and rewards proactive play. Me being a full yolo medium/light tank player meant that I had to throw up every time I queued up for the game in this tank. On the other hand the Strv 103B is the most accurate tank in the game, in combination with its camo this is the best sniper in the game.

Heavy Tank line Highlights

This is the main tree I focused my grinding efforts in the first few weeks of the 9.17 patch release. Choosing highlights for this branch wasn’t easy as almost all of them seem good in certain positions and in a way unique to World of Tanks universe. But bottom line were these tanks…

First unique tank of the line

Best Swedish Vehicles
Tier 6 medium tank, the Strv 74 caught be by surprise when I first took him fully upgraded to the battlefield. The never seen before aspect of this tank was 15 degrees of gun depression. Yes you read that right, this is the most gun depression on a medium tank ever. Even beating 1 tier higher vehicle, the Comet.

Did someone mention Comet?

Best Swedish Vehicles
Already after this little beast there’s another great tank in the line. This being the tier 7 Swedish medium, the Leo. Not only that it has a cool name but it can also equip 2 competitive guns. First being the smaller caliber one, which has the better DPM by almost 25% percent but the penetration and alpha damage are a lot lower. This for me was a choice made by my play style preference. I prefer high DPM and for it I had to sacrifice some extra gold ammo and nice alpha damage. But in return I got great soft stats and almost Comet-like DPM.

The ridge line warrior

Best Swedish Vehicles
All of the tanks after tier 7 represent a power to be reckoned in top tier games. For me, the best tank of these was the tier 10 Swedish heavy tank – the Kranvagn.
This autoloading beast is almost 100% impenetrable when peaking the ridge lines and using its gun depression. A solid DPM and engine make this heavy play more like the American mediums with great armor than a real heavy tank.

My overall thoughts

The Swedish tech tree being the newest and very much welcomed addition made me rush for both top tier tanks right of the bat. However, once I got the TD line done with I was really disappointed as it seemed to promote the play style I hate from the bottom of my heart. But the other line nailed it completely for me. I enjoyed and still do every second of tier 6-10 Swedish Medium-Heavy tank battles.

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