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Fallout 4 Mod Site Got A New Update, Bringing A Plethora Of New Features

Fallout 4 Mod Site Got A New Update, Bringing A Plethora Of New Features

The official mod site for Fallout 4 received an update earlier today which brings loads of new features, makes posting and using mods much easier for players. People who upload mods now have more control over their mods; easing mod downloads for all potential users.
Mod creators now have lots of new options at their disposal, options like seeing stats of their mods, ability to moderate comments, editing the version number. Comments can be liked now, and there is the addition of time-based filters to all key search categories, as well as Piracy/Stolen categories to mod reports.
Fallout 4 Creation Kit
Bethesda decided to add more security measures, so now you have to own a account which is linked with Steam in order to upload mods, as well as a version of Creation Kit newer than 1.4.
Another welcomed addition is the ability to add requirements to the mod’s details page, letting users know which other mods or add-on they need to have in order to run a specific mod. For a full list of changes, head out to official Bethesda site.
Bethesda introduced official PC mod support in April, Xbox One users received it a couple of weeks later, but mods for Xbox One can’t be bigger than 2 GB. PS4 users will have to wait a bit more, since PS4 is facing some problems, like 900 MB mod limit, or problems with sound files. With this new update to the official mod site, playing Fallout 4 will be more fun than ever. Be sure to check out our Fallout 4 review, and read our short but helpful Fallout 4 guide.

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