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CS:GO New Gamma Update

CS:GO New Gamma Update

Couple of days ago, on 15 June, Valve, the famous developer and game publisher has released yet another update for their most popular non free to play game – CS:GO.

Prime Account Matchmaking

This time around we got brand new case with multiple tweaks and adjustments for their ‘Prime Account Matchmaking’. The program that was introduced to the game not that long ago. This time around it has more conditions that player must complete to be able to participate in this new matchmaking system. Before, players only had to add their phone number to qualify and use this new MM. However, now along side the phone number players must have their account leveled to level 21. The change probably aims to cut number of smurfs and hackers by making them play the game a lot more to be able to enter this program.

New Sound System

The next significant update was in regards to sound system of CS:GO.
Now all players will be able to hear multiple new sounds. The most controversial off all is probably the ‘ammo count’ sound. Before, all players who wanted to know the number of rounds left in their opponents magazine had to roughly count and estimate based on frequency and time of firing. New ‘ammo count’ sound allows everyone to hear different ‘click’ noise when someone is to go magazine empty.
In my opinion this seems like a bad change since it lowers the learning and skill curve. It allows new players to get effortless and ‘artificially’ better at the game while not giving any rewards to players who were already capable of good ammo assessment.

Brand New Case

Last but certainly not least, we got a new Gamma Case. It seems to have a ‘futuristic’ feel to it. This time around almost all knifes look amazing with ‘Lore’ and ‘Emerald’ knifes looking particularly sexy.

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