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Far Cry Primal Review

Far Cry Primal Review

Far Cry Primal: Unique and Realistic Challenges Making for a Must-Have Game

Far Cry Primal takes the Far Cry series to a different level, emphasizing enguiniety and instinct in a completely new pre-historic setting. Your constant focus is survival, as you trudge on attempting to dominate the land. This is also different from most other games on the market today in general, which tend to feature more complex quests set at modern or futuristic times, with the luxuries that go along with that, such as societal order and advanced weaponry. You’ve got different challenges here, along with different cool features. You can command animals and endlessly explore. After a while, you really begin to appreciate the early struggles of man, seeing what an adventure the constant need to watch out for predators can make for.

The only major downside to the game was that it was a bit repetitive.  However, when you consider its simplistic setting, it makes sense that the same tasks would be repeated more often. This authenticity truly makes for an incredible gaming experience.

The game, which was released in February for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, retails for roughly $60 new. It puts you in the Stone Age surrounded by dangerous animals and enemy tribes. You’re forced to battle through these and the elements, while concentrating on your own survival needs like food and water, to take over the land of Oros and become the dominant predator. As you advance through the game, you’re able to begin to build up a tribe.  You start as the last reigning member of your hunting group and craft more advanced weapons.

It’s absolutely worth purchasing, as you get such a unique, fun and intense experience that is essential for any gamer.

Game pros:

FarCry Primal Plot

Stone age natural setting:

The setting above all is what makes this game unique. It’s such a far cry (pun intended) from what else is on the market today. It’s sort of a throwback to the great PC games of the early 2000’s.  They were focused more on older settings and surviving through them with the purpose of completing a quest, but with modern technology applied to it. It features different natural landscapes with only things that would be found in nature. You must use natural supplies to build weapons, for example, deal with wild animals and stay weary of the actions of enemy tribes.

Focus on survival:

Another big difference for this game that enhances its quality is its focus on survival, as opposed to your survival being taken for granted, should you not get killed by an identified enemy. Everything is your enemy in this game and you are exposed to all of it. You must constantly watch your back and be weary as you travel forward. You’re in a time before society, a dog eat dog world, where there isn’t anyone that you can trust and no consequences for the actions of the characters. You see quickly what a struggle just salvaging for basic supplies can be and begin to get a sense of what issues people faced at the dawn of man.

Detailed scenes and variety of characters:

The scenery used in this game is tremendously well done, along with the authenticity of time elements. Natural languages are used throughout the game. Graphics are superb. There is a great diversity of both peoples and animals that you’ll encounter throughout the game, along with nature scenes.

Fun and intensity of battle:

Weapons for this game all must be made from gathered materials and include bows, firebombs, clubs, and spears. You are able to make more complex weapons as you go on throughout the game.  It kinda adds to the excitement while you’re going through it. However, they’re far from the only means of attack within Far Cry Primal. You are able to domesticate animals that you encounter like saber-toothed tigers, wolves, and mammoths. You can even ride the mammoths and tigers, one of the most fun elements of the game. Getting to command an army of wild animals is something not seen in most games on the market. It gives you a wild feeling that’s hard to describe.

Help menu giving detailed instructions on tasks:

You can refer back to the help menu for information on skills that you were taught earlier in the game.  This makes it easier to come back to this game after a while. With its repetition, this is especially nice, as it can be easy to grow tired of it and want to come back to it later on. Considering that the game could easily keep you busy for a month or two, depending on how often you play, this is a big plus.


Game cons:

Plot of story less detailed:

Due to the simplicity of the world that you’re within, the plot is naturally less complex than what is seen in preceding Far Cry games. However, when you consider that you’re interacting in the game with animals and people speaking in incomplete and foreign languages.  It becomes clear that a simpler plot is essential for authenticity. The world is very disconnected at this time, and it wouldn’t make sense to have characters sending you on complex quests for them when they know so little about each other.


You’re forced to constantly grind for materials in order to upgrade things like your clothing, weapons, and village, and that can begin to get old, however, that constant struggle was seen with the Stone Age. There wasn’t a sudden evolution of society, and I think it’s admirable that the game creators stuck to hunter-gatherer mode for the most part within the duration of the game. It would have seemed inauthentic otherwise, taking away from the brutal reality this game represents that makes it great.

FarCry Primal Weapons

Lack of guns:

This is the biggest complaint I’ve seen from those that have played Far Cry Primal.  But the reality is that guns just aren’t what this game is about. Some have become so entrenched with the machine guns and major artillery weapons in most gameplay today that they can’t appreciate what Far Cry Primal has to offer. If anything, the lack of guns makes the game a lot more interesting. You have to constantly be focusing on enhancing your weapons.  You do this by gathering new supplies and advancing through the game so that you can make more complex weapons. Furthermore, you’re forced to use domesticated animals for attack and attack more close range, especially early on, increasing the danger. This game is so much fun, and the attack methods within it add to it immensely.

Why it’s a good buy:

There are many fun and interesting games out on the market today.  But while many of them are similar in terms of setting, quest and weaponry, this game gives something different. The challenges are unique, with limited technology, the constant threat of attack by anyone and the need to always be working for survival. This combined with the fun that it offers, especially from doing battle with primal weapons and animals, make it a must-have. Its unique experience just can’t be passed up.



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