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Overwatch Competitive Launch

Overwatch Competitive Launch

Overwatch – a new contender to the throne!

As you’re probably aware Blizzard’s latest game, Overwatch, is currently the most popular game on the market. With around 10 million players it continues to grow. Some records even say that is surpassed Riot’s League of Legends. Currently it’s in top five games on twitch with around 40-50k viewers in peak hours.

For serious players

Two days ago only 2 gamemodes were available for players to get into while playing in live client. Those being Quick Play and Brawl. As of recently a new gamemode was introduced: Competitive Play. Unlike Quick Play it features a progression system of a kind and bigger array of rules under which players operate.
First of all you must have account that is level 25 or higher. This insures that a brand new player who does not know layout of each map and doesn’t have a general feel for the game can’t join the big league. Which is really intended for players who are on average level or higher to get some more competitive experience. Once you’re level 25 you’ll have to play 10 matches in order to qualify for your skill group. The position in that skill group depends on your number of wins and losses as well as your efficiency in those matches. Once you complete those first 10 matches you’ll be in a ladder of players ranking from 0 to 100. Then, every time you queue up for Competitive Play you’ll be playing with players of same or similar skill rating. Wining matches gets you higher ranking and more challenging opponents.

Nitty gritty

There is also a small catch regarding this system. Every once in a while you’ll be playing against a team with higher or lower skill rating. If you win a game where you were playing against players with much higher skill rating you’ll be awarded with much more skill points. Loosing that kind of game where you’re underdog won’t take much skill points from you. This goes both ways. Loosing the game where your team had much more skill points in general will deduct much more skill points of all the players in your team including you.


As of now every calendar year will have 4 season to compete in. These seasons will follow 4 natural seasons. Meaning that around start of, lets say Fall new season in Overwatch will commence. Every season will last for 2.5 month with 2 weeks offseason. If you complete 10 qualifying matches in a season, at the end of it you’ll get some in-game rewards. Also every victory in Competitive Play gives you +1 Competitive point. You’ll get X amounts of these at the end of each season if you’ve played those first 10 matches. These points are used for unlocking golden skins for guns.

No room for naughty players!

Overwatch Competitive Play

Leaver Penalty

If you want to play in Competitive Play without any problems you’ll have to behave yourself and be a responsible player. Blizzard already said that they won’t give any second chances to cheaters as they will be permanently banned for cheating.
However, there is another way to get banned. This ban in not permanent and if you get one will forbid you from playing the Competitive until the end of current season. You can get banned by leaving the matches in progress or being AFK for 30 seconds. There are two outcomes to your inactivity. If you leave during the first 2 minutes of the game, it will be canceled. However, if you leave past 2 minutes mark you’ll have an minute to reconnect. If you don’t do that in a minute whole team can leave the game without getting any penalty, except you of course, but you’ll all receive a loss.
Full ‘Competitive Play’ notes…

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