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World of Tanks TankFest Special

As you might or might not know TankFest is the world’s largest historic tank showcasing event. Every year it’s held at The Bovington Tank Museum. There you can find the biggest pool of tanks with close to 300 vehicles originating from 26 different countries.


The mighty Jagtiger

Enjoy it without even being there!

For the last couple of years Wargaming – the developer and publisher of World of Tanks, an MMO video game is making an special dedicated to the event.
This year for a limited time they are offering 2 tanks – a brand new vehicle AC 4 Experimental and AC 1 Sentinel. Along side that if you play from 25 to 28 June you can benefit from following:
1) Every victory except first grants you 2x earned experience for the battle
2) 15% discount on all standard British vehicles from tier 8 to tier 10. That’s huge!
3) 30% discount on all standard British vehicles tier 6 and 7
4) 50% discount on all standard British vehicles from tier 2 to tier 5
5) and much more
On top of all this if you earn 50 000 experience while being in top 10 players of your team by base experience earned for that random battle, while playing in British vehicle you can get a premium Light Mk. VIC vehicle. This is a tier 2 British tank. If you don’t already own this little beast then it’s gonna be a nice addition to your collection.

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