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Sombra Has Shown Up

Sombra Has Shown Up

Finally, Sombra is coming. Yes, Overwatch has a new hero. Although it is not a big surprise to see Sombra arrive at BlizzCon, right now ARG detectives can have some rest. It seems Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled the deadly hacker character. Her introduction was made through an animated short called Infiltration. The game studio had recently released a series of teasers.

Blizzard’s Overwatch, being a very popular game franchise right now; they are making an additional effort in creating the gaming universe as pulsating as possible. From the image released by the game studio, it is quite visible that Sombra is holding a submachine gun in her hand. Except that submachine gun, there are no visible weapons on her hand, through which one can predict her skills. But based on the clips found on the official Overwatch site, one can see that Sombra is a hero heavily armed for offense. With the skill set she has, it is quite easy for her to bring an entire team down.


Sombra’s biography states that she may have worked earlier alongside the Mexican Los Muertos gang of outlaws. She worked there until she faced issues with the outlaw gang and had to stay secretive of her existence in the city. Do you know Sombra is a Spanish word, which means “shadow”? It pretty much explains her previous encounter with the outlaws.

Sombra skill sets are worth investing. First of all is the Sombra’s Machine Pistol in Overwatch. This weapon gives her an advantage to shoot her enemies at a shorter range. And she has also got some other skills that can hit her opponents from a couple of meters away. One of her skills is hacking. The girl knows a lot of hacking skills. With an ability to control Omnic heroes, including Bastion, Sombra can hack like other Overwatch’s hero does. She can infiltrate her enemies and take their lives away. All the weapons used by the enemies to neutralize her tend to be useless when she uses her valuable skill. As for Sombra’s ultimate ability in Overwatch, it’s deemed as the EMP. She has an innate ability to use an electromagnetic energy so as to disarm any defending enemies. Think of it as a massive hack or something.

Another skill of Sombra is going to make Overwatch players very excited. It is Thermoptic Camo. This enables Sombra the ability to go invisible. Tell me that ain’t sweet!  Not just that, she can also move faster while cloaked! She can also remain in this state until unless she decides to engage in a battle. That is totally awesome. Translocator’ is another valuable skill of Sombra. It is very similar to teleportation skills of other characters in Overwatch. She can teleport herself from one place to another by basically throwing a special device or an item on the ground, and through it, she can gain a way where she can return without any hassle.

Channel your inner thoughts on the new Overwatch hero Sombra. Watch her unlock her hacking skills in the game.

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