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Raynor Builds Guide

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If you are a fan of Heroes of the Storm, the multiplayer battle game for Windows and MAC PC’s created by Blizzard Entertainment, then you know all about Raynor Builds and his many talents.

Now, if you are new to the game or simply want more details on this character, here is a guide to everything you need to know about Raynor Builds.

Raynor is an easy to play hero for beginners of the game. He is arguably the most played heroes for experienced players also. Once you know all his nuances and master all his skill, he can be a force to be reckoned with. He can be played alone or with a team. His best ability is self-healing which allows him to survive in the game for long periods of time. Raynor can also cause damage from afar by dealing a rapid basic attack. He does rely on the basic attack a bit too much for majority of the damage he could cause in the game.

He really reminds me of Soldier 76 in overwatch.  He has a lot of the same traits and is just as much fun to play.

He works well with Illidan, Kharazim, and Leoric. Not so well with Zeratul, Arthas, and Johanna.

Raynor Build Options


1 to 3, Raynor relies on his basic attack and Seasoned Marksman talents.

4 to 6 Focused Attack boots the damage of this hero’s basic attack.

7 to 9 Revolution Overdrive is the new talent he has until he gets to levels 10 to 12 he gets Hyperion.

10 to 12 withe Hyperion ability should be utilized wisely and strategically. It can hit up to 4 enemies, make a strafing run dealing, and fire up the Yamato cannon.

13 to 15 Raynor gets Giant Killer talent which increase the damage he deals 1.5%.

16 to 19 he gets Bullseye which is a sure enemy kill with a Penetrating Round

20 he gets Nexus Frenzy which increase his attack speed and range.

Raynor Kit

His kit allows him to survive. When on increased attack and increased sight range, he can continue attacking for far away and avoiding being attacked.

Raynor has other abilities like Inspire which help to make his basic attack more potent. Adrenaline Rush automatically activates itself to heal when he is at 30% health. When playing, this ability should be used carefully and wisely since it can help win trades Raynor might not usually win.

Also, have to pay attention to the wear down of the Adrenaline Rush since it does not last forever.

The cool little Banshees are Raynor’s raiders. He can target and retarget them accordingly. They are crazy focused when activated and cause lots of damage to the targeted enemy.

One mid to high level Raynor’s strength can deal some damage. The long range ability is the best he’s got and when playing on a team, it is best that he stays back to use that ability fully and eliminate as many squishy targets as possible. Although he can lead, he definitely works better and is more protected from a distance. Raynor has self-healing and knockback, so he is not as hard to take down as expected. With the right talents and abilities being used strategically, Raynor can deal serious damage and hold his own against most other assassins.

Mid to late game Raynor’s powerful knock back and damage dealing get very good so, he can cause some disruption to other players.

Some Cool Builds

Raynor’s Raider Build

This is a pretty common go to build for Raynor.  I’ve been going with the Raiders lately so I can just spam the hell out of them.

Raynor’s I’m A Survivor build

This is a pretty common go to build for Raynor.  I’ve been going with the Raiders lately so I can just spam the hell out of them.

Raynor Lone Gun Build

You know those times you get stuck on the top lane all by your lonesome.  Here’s your build.

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Raynor Teamster Build

Scouting Drone is the ultimate team tool along with the teleport.

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Be sure to leave your comments about these builds and maybe even leave me a better build, lets see what you got!

Raynor's Score


Renegade Commander Raynor is a very fun character to play and can be very useful when clearing waves and ranged attacking.

Complexity (Very Easy To Play)

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