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Smite Tips And Tricks

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Whether you’re experienced in moba games or just getting into one this article should help you get a better grip on how things work in this notorious, rage inducing and most of all high skill cap genre.
The primary focus of this post will be a little bit lesser known moba – ‘Smite’.
Smite is a unique take on moba genre. Instead of ‘from the space’ viewpoint. Smite is the first game in this category to introduce a 3rd person perspective giving it completely new and original feeling.
Since the title of this article is Tips and Tricks I’ll assume that you know what Smite is and you want to know how to get better. In text that follows I will try to teach you what to do and what not to do when you first boot up the game and get into first 10-30 hours.

1. Do not spend your gems on unlocking new gods!

This is one of many mistakes I made back in the day when I first started. There are two ways of playing Smite – F2P or B2P. The differences exists but are far from making the game pay to win. Spending real life money only gives you God Pack (unlocks all the existing and future gods).It also allows you to alter the appearance of gods (skins) and game.
So spending such a valuable currency in such a bad way is a mistake. You will become aware of it after some time when you get eager on unlocking some skins for your favorite gods.
Instead of unlocking gods with gems, use favor (currency that you get by playing the game and logging into same). If you just want to test out a god you can always rent one for small amount of favor.

2. Feel free to experiment with your builds.

The big part of every moba is being able to tailor your characters. In this case gods, the way you want. In most mobas there are unlimited ways to play the same character in the same map. Differently every time. You achieve this by choosing different skills (Heroes Of The Storm) or by combining a wide variety of items into something called builds.
One of the most common mistakes I see players on low levels doing is searching the internet for builds. That are used by pros or just opting to go for a build that has the best ratings on some forums and websites like that.
The reasons for this are in most cases the lack of good will to read and familiarize yourself with what different items/skills do. Instead of putting some effort to go trough that first steep learning curve they choose easier way. Ignoring it completely. The other reason for using internet builds is because they don’t want to get insulted in game for their builds being different and maybe not optimal for that situation.
The Smite community is one of the kindest if not the kindest of all moba communities. Of course there are some players that are more polite than others. In general the fear of being yelled at by other players is not a fear that you should have when playing Smite. So feel free to experiment and play the game you want because that’s the only way you’ll get better.

3. Play every role!

This is the biggest tip I can give you. The worst mistake is playing only one role and not willing to try out some different ways to play the game. A lot of players start the game with just one role in mind that they want to play. The common Smite game has 5 roles that player can choose (adc/hunter, support/guardian, mid laner/mage, jungler/assassin and solo/warrior). These are the most common class/role. Every role is plays differently and gives players a rough estimate on what their build should lean to become.
The first mistake I made is that I choose to play only as a jungler. That dulled my experience and destroyed my will to play. Being narrow in what role you play IS BAD. It is alright to favor one role over others but playing exclusively one is bad for you and your team.
For example when you reach level 30 and queue up for some ranked play. You won’t get to choose your god and in most cases role first. So it’s important for you to be able to play every role and most of the gods competitive enough so you don’t bottleneck your team. That’s the most common reason players lose their games. Being somewhat good in every role is crucial for winning games more often!

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