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Sony Bravia X930D Review

Sony Bravia X930D Review

Suitable for future gaming..

Sony’s next set of television, X93D, does not disappoint. Every Sony Bravia series included some outstanding features from their rivals and this year too they have included HDR support which means more rich images on screen. Also, the current-gen consoles are taking a huge leap onto 4K with PS4 Neo and Project Scorpio. Even the new Xbox One S supports HDR and the two machines will be like a ‘perfect companion’. Last year’s X930C was also a fantastic machine which offered the Android OS to its users.

The X93D series starts from $1799.99 in the United States and it comes with another two models of 65″ and 75″. Before heading straight, let me give you a brief review. The Sony X930D features a super-thin design with HDR quality pictures. The system owns Android TV OS based on the Android Lollipop 5.1.1.

The Design



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The X93D is a lot slimmer than the previous series. The bottom part is a bit thicker as all the hardware are placed there. The main reason for its slim appearance is the exclusion of the two columns of speakers. It did gave the previous model a great look. However, the screen composition is maximum, so the large monolith screen and the pretty balanced stand gives the set an overall classy-look. Speaking of the stand, its now placed at the center of the screen, and once it is all set-up (which is quite difficult) it looks great. The stand has a wide-footprint, so we ourselves will feel that the TV is secure. But if you prefer wall-mounting it, you will not be going through the difficulties of setting the stand up.

“If you watch a HDR-recorded clip on a HDR TV, then it would feel like you are just looking outside of a window.”

The TV features an LED indicator just beneath the Sony logo, which is customizable in the Settings menu. Also, a detachable camera is present at the top which can be used with Skype or for recording videos. But for recording, an USB device should be connected for storage. I wouldn’t mind placing my Kinect above it, but for that you will need an additional Kinect holder which can be bought from third-party retailers. Note that wall-mounted TV’s require separate Kinect holders than those who prefer the TV stand. And hey! Don’t look at me in a way that who uses these cameras nowadays. At least someone around the world is with me who prefer talking to Cortana sometime.


The back cover allows you to hide all your cables and wires, making the system more tidy

The back cover allows you to hide all your cables and wires, making the system more tidy

The back ports are suitably placed that each one of them can be reached easily. The useful USB ports and the headphone sockets are aligned to the left of the screen. The speakers are placed at the bottom of the screen facing downwards which cannot be easily viewed from standard viewing angles.

The Remote



Unlike LG’s magic remote, Sony’s feature no gyroscopic capabilities. The remote has numerous buttons including a shortcut button to get in straight into Netflix and Google Play Movies. Navigational buttons, media control buttons and a full number keypads are also present in the remote. The remote includes a microphone and its trigger which allows us to speak words rather than to type. It is useful though. Overall the remote is a great piece of hardware suitable for accessing all the features of the TV.


The biggest addition of the X93D series is HDR or High Dynamic Range support. While most other manufacturers went back Dolby Vision Standard, Sony weighed back on HDR10. The difference between the two is nothing too serious and most of the contents are produced to be compatible with both formats.

“The X93D are perfect if you are aiming for future gaming”

The 55X930D has a 55-inch 3840×2160-pixel LED screen capable of 3D display (but there are no 3D-glasses bundled with the system). The TV features four HDMI ports, three USB ports and one Ethernet port for wired network connection. WiFi is also supported.

Did Sony just built a window?

Did Sony just built a window?

Nowadays most video cameras support HDR shoot-ability. If you watch a HDR-recorded clip on a HDR TV, then it would feel like you are just looking outside of a window. The picture is brighter and the dark areas are more defined, especially shadows. Images will feel more natural and life-like and the sun does make us close our eyes for a moment.

We can say the same for games too, as I said before the new Xbox One S supports HDR technology. Games featuring 1920×1080 resolution on standard Xbox One will be upscaled on Xbox One S if you are playing in a 4K TV. Upcoming exclusive titles Forza Horizon 3, Scalebound and Gears of War 4 features such upscaling. Future games will also be supporting this.

With the arrival of Xbox One: Project Scorpio and the rumored yet slightly confirmed PlayStation 4: Neo, buying X93D would not be a mistake as those two consoles support 4K resolution for its games. So Bravia X930D and its equivalent models are perfect if you are aiming for future gaming.


So what’s inside? Those who have used the recent Android smartphones doesn’t find any difficulties here. The built-in software is Google’s Android TV software, based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1. But unlike the smartphone OS, the SmartTV OS features a side-scroll navigation which is good for using with the remote. You can sync your Google account with this TV and can access Google apps specifically designed for this TV. Although most of the apps are based on video and audio including Netflix, Plex and more, some popular games are also included. Asphalt 8: Airborne, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars and Crossy Road to name a few. The TV supports 8.2GB of storage in-built.


You can connect bluetooth accessories to your TV like Keyboards, mouse, speakers and headsets. You can also connect the DualShock 4 to your TV and its a very nice addition if you want to turn your living room into a gaming hub. Opera browser is in-built for browsing the web.


The Bravia X930D is the best 4K TV you can get right now with the addition of HDR capability. From a gamer’s viewpoint this TV aims for the future and has already proved its worth with the Xbox One S. It has some plenty of connectivity options, a fluid interface and some best apps. Although the Android TV OS has some tiny little bugs, it does feature some extra apps than before.

Sony Bravia X93D is expensive in its own right but will not be much of a problem if you want the right experience as a ‘viewer’ or as a ‘gamer’, and for the latter buying this TV will be like piling up of stock for 4K gaming experience.

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