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Achilles Build Guide

Achilles Build Guide

Hey folks, long time no see! So, I’ve been busy these days, and yes, it is connected to Smite. I’ve never played it since it seemed to me as a bit underdeveloped. But boy, was I wrong! This game is fantastic, and one of the first heroes I’ve tried is our (quite literal) hero of the day. So, get ready to touch the sky with this Smite Achilles build I have prepared for you.


For those who don’t know, Achilles is one of the greatest heroes of Greek mythology. His father was mortal, while his mother was sea nymph. So, he was a mortal with a whim of godlike powers. He was the “golden boy” and somewhat a superstar among the Greek, and his bravery and achievements were well known.


Still, he is most famous for participating in Trojan War, which is described in The Iliad from Homer. There, he is described as invulnerable, aside from his heel, so Achilles heel today stands for a vulnerable spot.


  • Can have high damage and movement or health and protection
  • Sustain is good
  • High damage of his ultimate ability
  • Well-balanced hero


  • Somewhat vulnerable to crowd control
  • Achilles Heel can cause problems if you are not careful
  • Must decide between two playstyles

Achilles abilities

Well, since this Smite Achilles guide will deal with as many aspects as possible, there’s no harm in mentioning what to expect from this hero, isn’t it?

  • Gift of the Gods – or as I love to call it “I would take off my shirt if I would look as half as good as this hero”. All jokes aside, you choose whether you will go with high damage and mobility, or health and protection.
  • Shield of Achilles – our Goldilocks uses his shield to see if it is harder than the enemies’ head. He stuns his target and damages those behind.
  • Radiant Glory – a real favorite of the Gods, Achilles gains damage, protection, and is less vulnerable to CC for 6 seconds. Oh yes, he also heals while dealing damage with abilities.
  • Combat Dodge – evade, stab, kill. That’s what this ability does.
  • Fatal Strike – Achilles dashes toward his target and deals massive damage. Now, if the target has less than 30% of health, it will be killed. If this happens, the cooldown is reset, and you can carry on killing. Just be careful, since higher chain will also make you more vulnerable.

Tips and builds

When it comes to gameplay, a lot of people will tell you what to do, but you know better. Follow your instinct, and this Smite Achilles build, and you will be all right.


At the beginning, you need to decide whether to flash your six pack, or to dazzle the enemy with your golden armor. See who your opponents in lane are. If there are high damage ones, go with armor. Otherwise, take it off. As for items, this approach would be the best.

Smite Achilles build

Teleport glyph will provide extra mobility, while Warrior’s Blessing adds both damage and protection and damage, which suits your role.

Smite Achilles build

As I said, CC is rather problem for Achilles, and Stone of Gaia somewhat neutralizes this. Breastplate adds protection, and reduces cooldown, which increases your damage output.

Smite Achilles build

If you are THE damage dealer in your team, go with this build. It will give you more damage via Jotunn’s Wrath and Void Shield, while Masamune provides protection. Sweet!

Smite Achilles build

In case that you feel that your hero works better as offtank, go with this build. It gives great protective abilities, and also reduces enemies healing properties, which is always good, right?

Smite Achilles build

As for the relic, Beads are my standard, which takes away any nasty surprise in the form of stun or similar. More killing in order!

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