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Hearthstone: Best Class Restricted Legendary Cards

Hearthstone: Best Class Restricted Legendary Cards

As we all know HS is the most popular CCG game currently on the market. In this article I’m gonna be talking about my top Hearthstone class restricted legendary cards. However, do note that I’m not in any way an expert HS player. As a matter of fact some of this cards I still don’t own myself but I’ve faced them enough times to be competent of discussing about them.

Hearthsone: Best Class Restricted Legendary Cards


It seems like Druid doesn’t have that many popular and competent legendary cards. However, there’s still one card worth talking about. Prior to it’s release it was considered to be one of the most under powered legendary cards to come out that expansion. Many of the well known and even professional players agreed with the though of ‘Fandral Staghelm‘ being the let down for the Druid class. But oh man, were the wrong. Fandral Staghelm is by far the easiest pick I had to make when choosing one of Druid’s legendary cards.

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

Fandral Staghelm


Mage is just one of the two classes that are consistently considered overpowered. This is true in both constructed and in arena play. If I was to choose just one legendary card that is for Mage only that would have to be ‘Archmage Antonidas‘. I mean, if you just think about it the possibilities are endless. Archmage Antonidas is fairly easy to run in any type of deck as it synergies with most of the backbone Mage cards.

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

Archmage Antonidas


Again Hunter is one of those classes that doesn’t have much of a choice when being able to choose just one class restricted legendary. I opted to go with ‘King Crush‘ as it’s one of the rare legendary cards that depicts the current state of Hunter decks. It’s all about rushing face or die trying. Right?

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

King Crush


This class was probably the hardest one to make this kind of decision. The fact that the Paladin has so many great class restricted legendary cards really shows of in Arena success summary. Currently, Paladin is almost tied with Rogue on that crown spot being closely followed by Mage. However, if I was to choose just one legendary for this guy, it would be ‘Tirion Fordring‘.

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

Tirion Fordring


Warlock is probably the most hated class in the game. Primary reason for this is in my opinion the lack of multiple viable decks. As a result we now have just one deck that everyone knows about. Unfortunately this ruined this class in eyes of many, but the fun potential is still there. And the bedrock of it is of course, one and only, ‘Lord Jaraxxus‘.

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

Lord Jaraxxus


Rogue is currently the most powerful Arena class in a long time. However, the surprising thing is that there aren’t that many great Rogue only legendary cards. In fact I consider ‘Xaril, Poisoned Mind‘ to be the only one that’s viable in both arena and constructed thus I choose him instead of his combo reliant counterpart.

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

Xaril, Poisoned Mind


This pick was one of the tough ones. As you might be aware Priest ain’t doing that well in both arena and constructed. As a matter of fact he’s the worst class to play as by far. As a Priest’s go to class legendary I chose ‘Confessor Paletress‘. The other close contender was ‘Prophet Velen’ but the RNG aspect of the Confessor Paletress decided in her favor.

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

Confessor Paletress


Shaman’s currently in a peculiar situation. He has the assets needed to be extremely powerful, however those assets are in a form of minions which are consider underdogs when compared to spells. My pick for Shaman’s one legendary card was ‘Hallazeal the Ascended‘. I won’t lie I was considering of putting The Mistcaller as it is my favorite Shaman legendary. But I can’t hide the fact that Hallazeal the Ascended is the one more popular and powerful in general.

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

Hallazeal the Ascended


And last but certainly not least we’ve came to Warrior. And oh man was this a difficult decision. I’m just gonna say it, ‘Grommash Hellscream‘. Yeah yeah, I’m aware of other OP legendary Warrior cards but this one is the best fit with his current deck and play style.

Hearthstone Best Legendary Cards

Grommash Hellscream


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