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Hearthstone: Best Gadgetzan Legendaries

Hearthstone: Best Gadgetzan Legendaries

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Newest Hearthstone expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, has been on live server for couple of weeks now. Just enough time for us to get a rough feeling in strength of most of the cards. If you’re under informed about all the expansion stuff you might want to check out my last HS related article as you’ll find everything you need to know there.
In this article on the other hand, we’ll be discussing my top 5 best/most interesting legendary cards from MSoG. Before we start with the countdown, do note that this is only my opinion and the choices I made weren’t easy. Some of the cards have bigger fun than power value but the games in general are about fun. Meaning that there might be some more powerful cards that aren’t as interesting as others in the list. I did try to keep the power/fun value in balance.

5) Mayor Noggenfogger

Legendary Card
Mayor Noggenfogger is the ultimate ‘fun times’ card. The power and playability in the serious meta are absolutely no existing. However, this is the ultimate troll card, next to Wrathion of course. Mayor Noggenfogger probably won’t ever be even close to tournament plays but overall this is the type of randomness that isn’t bad for the game and as such I’m really grateful we’ve got this card. The only down side is that it is a legendary card so the biggest HS population will dust it immediately, swearing the RNG gods and Blizzard in the process.

4) White Eyes

Legendary Card
This is the Shaman only legendary card shaped for more of a control type of decks. Unfortunately Shaman isn’t really known for his control decks but White Eyes certainly adds more power to that type of deck. On the first glance this card seems extremely over powered, but just remember that for you to seize the full value of the card you need to draw a lot of cards and statistically you won’t be playing his spawn in all that much of your games.

3) Don Han’Cho

Legendary Card
Don Han’Cho is tri-class legendary card. It’s available for The Goons only (Paladin, Warrior and Hunter). The pure value of this card is insane but there are some of the limiting factors. Imagine a situation in which your hand is empty and you’re hoping for a good top deck to keep you in the game. Not just that Don Han’Cho isn’t the top deck you want, it’s actually atrocious value wise in that situation. Which for a legendary card isn’t good as you might imagine.

2) Aya Blackpaw

Legendary Card
In my eyes this is the best legendary card from Mean Streets of Gatgetzan. All the other cards that are more powerful limit your decks heavily bringing in question if their power can justify how limited your deck is. Aya Blackpaw is like the last card a tri-class card limited to the Jade Lotus gang (Druid, Rogue and Shaman). She an absolute must for all Jade type of decks as she adds some insane value, whenever played!

1) Raza the Unchained

Legendary Card
This was a tough call. Not including the Kazakus will be a head scratcher for most of you. However, I really believe that value wise this is the stronger card. Pure unpredictability of Kazakus made him not take the number one spot (No. 1 or nothing). Being Priest restricted is the biggest downside to this card. However, Raza the Unchained is the ‘choose one’ type of deck definer I like as he doesn’t bring any RNG to the game which already suffers greatly because of the randomness that accumulated over the years.

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