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Susano build guide

Susano build guide

Of all Gods and mythologies available in Smite, the Japanese and Nordic ones are my favorite. Therefore, one of the first heroes I have bought is our Japanese God of Thunder. This is Susano build guide, and we’re bringing down the thunder.


What’s interesting is the similarity between Susano and Thor. Both of them are hot-tempered, outstanding fighters and both are connected with killing giant snakes. Who would think that two cultures so distant can have similarities? Of course, Naruto fans will know what I’m talking about since Susanoo and Orochimaru are quite famous.


  • Outstanding damage
  • Fantastic mobility and challenging to be hit
  • Decent AoE damage for an assassin
  • High burst damage
  • Can outplay his opponents rather easily


  • Can be tricky to master
  • Somewhat weak in the early phase of the game
  • Relies heavily on abilities, thus making cooldown management essential
  • Not very useful against tanks
  • The late game depends on ultimate ability and blink
  • Must not fall behind

Susano abilities

Well, since every Smite guide on this site gives full insight into heroes’ abilities, this Susano build guide is no exception. Here’s what this angry God can do.

  • Gathering Storm – sounds menacing, isn’t it? That’s because it is. This passive gives Susano increased damage on the next Of course, you have to gather four stacks first, by attacking the opponent.
  • Storm Kata – one of the main reasons why Susano is so mobile. First strike attacks enemies in front of him, the second damages everything around Susano, and the third gives dash. Great damage/mobility combo.
  • Wind Siphon – damages heroes in a cone in front of the hero. Those caught in the middle are pulled toward Susano.
  • Jet Stream – Susano casts the gust of wind, and if activated again, he teleports to the location of the gust. Of course, if the enemy is hit, he teleports there, which is a fantastic catching tool.
  • Typhoon – what kind of Thunder God this would be if there weren’t any huge storms? Susano will create one, which will pull enemies toward the center. When the Typhoon reaches its full size, it will sweep toward where Susano is facing.

Tips and builds

Susano relies heavily on damage output, so everything is more or less based on this fact. Still, if you don’t know what to take, here comes builds part of this Susano build guide.

In the beginning, Purification Beads and Assassin’s Blessing are great. The first one will take some heat off of you, while AB represents an investment. You will be grateful for that +10 penetration later.

Smite Susano build

The core items are focused most on gaining damage, which is not unusual. You wouldn’t buy protective items for an assassin, wouldn’t you?

Smite Susano build

Damage build is for those who feel comfortable with cutting down their enemies. Movement speed and damage are essential for Susano, and these items are giving precisely that.

Smite Susano build

Still, if you feel targeted more than usual, some protection is good to have. Therefore, additional health and mana are great for you.

Smite Susano build

The choice of relics is somewhat individual matter. I prefer to go with Beads and add Heavenly Wings later. This provides enough protection and movement boost.

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