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Team Fortress 2 – Blast From the Past

Team Fortress 2 – Blast From the Past

In this series, Blast from the past, we’re gonna be looking back to some older and maybe not so popular titles anymore. Every game in this series of articles has to be and will be ‘old but gold’.

What is Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is a free to play team-based first person shooter. It’s being developed and published by Valve Corporation back in 2007.
It features character based gameplay and interesting game model. It was released as a sequel to already great series that begun with Team Fortress. A mod for Quake from 1996. It was released as a part of The Orange Box in 2007 and in 2008 it came out as a standalone version. On June of 2011 it became a free to play game with existence of microtransactions. Those allowed players to get unique in-game items. Besides that it has implemented a drop system that allows players unwilling to spend real life money to get some items vie RNG.


The biggest strong point of the game lies at its gameplay. It has unique and for that time never seen mechanics that made spent hours unforgettable. The game has 9 distinctive classes, every with its own back story presented to audience via years and years of Valve’s mini videos. All of this made players care about their game heroes in, at first sight storyless game.
Nine classes can be grouped up in 3 different roles they ought to fulfill in game. There are 3 support, offense and defense characters. Every plays out differently and can be modified vie in-game items that give and even take different stats. There are also many gamemodes with new ones being added every now and then with some in game events.

Team Fortress 2

Wicked, isn’t it?

Goofy nature

For me one of the key side elements of the game is the attitude that game’s developer take towards their player base. Most of the games have a serious line in regards to this. But not Team Fortress 2. No no, this game was always something else. Maybe it’s because of its cartoon-ish graphics, not so mature player base or something else. But this game is and always will be – maker of wicked, entertaining and relaxing time. It seems like no one, not even devs took this game seriously. I mean, they created THE ‘hats’ system. Someone figured: ‘Well why don’t we create something to focus the progression system to. For players that already have all the game changing items’. The result was, you guessed it, hats. Varying in rarity, form, class exclusivity… these items became the mascot of the game, without even influencing the gameplay in slightest.

Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2

More Hats


Team Fortress 2 represents one of the, if not the only game that has this big of an audience almost 10 years after its release. The player base has dropped since the release of Overwatch but not even the League of Legends could resist this.
Still, after all that time I find myself going back to it every couple of months and every time the game feels so familiar yet so different. A true masterpiece!

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