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Our Top 5 Picks From 2016- Shooters

Our Top 5 Picks From 2016- Shooters

Here’s our Top 5 list for the best shooters of 2016. Also check out our Top 5 open world titles of 2016.

2016 is coming to an end. Christmas is our neighbor now and its a perfect time to give your children some great gaming gifts. So here we are with full dedication, providing you the best video game items to pick up for your kids this holiday.

Please be aware that some items may be age limited, mainly which includes violence, harsh languages and pornography. But don’t worry, each item we list here will be certified by ESRB system (Click the link to know the guidelines and T&C for ESRB). All scores provided for each product is for the Xbox One console from Metacritic.

If we missed any game, please do comment below.

#5: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The latest installment on the ever-running Call of Duty series take players to the next level. The gameplay is mostly on space which is an entirely new experience for the fans and common players alike. While the CGI motion-captures for each characters represented in the game were praised, the story truly out shined over everything.

Developer: Infinity Ward

Published by: Activision

Age Rating: Mature

Metacritic Score: 78


#4: Doom (2016)

Doom’s fast-paced gameplay and great AI gives every player a treat. Killing and blasting through never-ending enemy AIs feels so awesome.

Developer: id Software

Published by: Bethesda Softworks

Age Rating: Mature

Metacritic Score: 87


#3: Gears of War 4

After all the locust had died up, now comes a new squad of enemies. We already had our thoughts about GoW 4 and about its new characters. Gears 4 provides amazing experience for old series runners and a great new combat for new players. And the sweet part: Marcus does appear! Gears 4 is totally eligible to acquire the bronze spot in this list.

Developer: The Coalition

Published by: Microsoft Studios

Age Rating: Mature

Metacritic score: 85


#2: Battlefield 1

Where every shooter series failed, Electronic Arts succeeded, just because they developed a game of their fans’ demand. Battlefield 1 takes place during the First World War, where you are not expected to survive at all. The multiplayer portion of the game is good but the single player side is top notch and that’s why it gets the silver crown in our list.

Developer: EA DICE

Published by: Electronic Arts

Age Rating: Mature

Metacritic score: 88


#1: Overwatch

Why did it come in the first place even after its just an online only game? You might think so. But each and every time you log in to this spectacular game, you will be more entertained than watching your cat play with your door mat. Overwatch provides fun, fun and more fun. Each and every character is awesome in its own right. No wonder it won the Game of the Year Award this year.

Developer & Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Age Rating: Teen

Metacritic score: 91


Stay tuned for our next Top Picks!

Which shooter do you think is the best of 2016? Fill it out below..




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