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Watch players throw and catch magazines by hand in VR shooter Zero Caliber

Xreal Games has announced their new VR shooter, Zero Caliber, available on Steam from November 9th. The game takes players to a United States in the not too distant future where people are killing each other for drinkable water. But more importantly, the game offers you the chance to manually throw and catch ammo, and we’re pretty sure 99% of the game will be spent doing that.

Zero Caliber will let you play the entire campaign by yourself or by teaming up with friends, in an environment that offers “hyper-realistic gun control”, a fair amount of customisation, and the aforementioned physics that let you pelt some ammo at your teammate. Xreal has said that the game will feature a PvP mode but that will arrive early next year.

From what the trailer shows, it does look like you’ll be able to run around freely, though that won’t get you very far. Instead, Zero Caliber put an emphasis on being aware of your surroundings, being able to spot cover and using your teammates effectively is the name of the game in this war.

And that extends to your load out as well. The game’s customisation does seem quite varied, with the game’s description saying there’s enough options to fit every play style and lets you “combine your favourite gun with your favourite attachments on-the-fly to find out which variation suits you the most.”

Zero Caliber will be available on Steam from November 9th on early access, with the game’s roadmap aiming for a PvP mode and more missions in early 2019, and a full release in mid-2019. And while you wait for all the physics-based fun Zero Caliber is sure to offer, why don’t you play something from our list of best FPS games.

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